We take organic material and give it a new purpose - your creative vision

About Us

About Us

At Crescent Moon Studio, our craft is translating creativity into organic works of art. With repurposed raw materials as our canvas, every piece that leaves our studio is handcrafted with our passion and your idea. From initial design conversations, through meticulous carving, cutting, painting, and staining, our process is fine tuned to create your custom wooden masterpiece.


Capturing life in a wooden medium.

Everything we create has a unique story – the absolute perfect raw materials are hand-selected for each project; unique salvage wood slabs or clean-cut pieces, and everything in between.

Being a wood-working studio that focuses on utilizing repurposed materials, naturally, our passion to create derives from a respect for nature. We take this to heart with every project, finding inspiration in ideas rooted in growth and renewal.

The Waning Crescent Moon

The Waning Crescent moon appears when an old moon cycle ends and a new cycle is beginning. For us, this is a time for renewal, reflection, contemplation, and fulfillment. Its appearance represents a symbol of subtlety, reflecting light rather than producing its own.

We draw comparisons between the waning crescent moon and our creative process. We don’t impose an idea or design on you, rather we take your inspiration, your vision, your life events and reflect them in our pieces. The subtle, but impressive details of each project help create a piece that you will cherish for years to come.